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Obstructive Hypopnea, or just, Hypopnea basically means shallow breathing. A hypopnea is when a person is actively trying to breathe, but there is an obstruction that is preventing air from getting into the lungs. This differs from an Obstructive Apnea in that some air is able to get through. The breathing that is allowed is so low, that the effect is the same as an Obstructive Apnea. The obstruction is caused by some type of tissue blocking the airway.

Eventually the blood oxygen level (SpO2) drops, heart rate spikes, and the patient will wake gasping for air often with a snore or a snort. Often the awakening isn't remembered and they go right back to sleep only to repeat this cycle throughout the night.

Quick, easy and painless ways to assess your risk for a sleep disorder. Complete this short questionnaires on this link . If you would like you can forward your completed form(s) to us for a professional evaluation.

To assess your risk for Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), click here

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